Mary-Martha Society


(Lutheran Women in Mission)


September Monthly Meeting

September  12, 2018

Devotion:  Teri Smith

Hostess: Teri Smith, Dottie Harriman

Program: Prepare for Rummage Sale


May 2018 - In the final meeting before summer, the ladies of Mary-Martha have elections and plan for the next year.  All the ladies currently serving have graciously agreed to continue n their positions for the next year.  After September, we would like to have a meeting where we talk about and meet the Lutheran Comfort Dogs.  We will work to have several attend the meeting.  We would like to have it on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and invite the entire congregation to come and find out more about this great outreach. 



September 15, 2018


2017 - 2018  Mary-Martha Society officers

President -  Teri Smith

Vice President -  Dottie Harriman

Treasurer -   Carolyn Hah Swanson

Recording Secretary  -  Helen Klamt

Corresponding Secretary - Doris Abernethy