Welcome to St. Mark Lutheran Church. We are located in Tucker, a community just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  Join us for Worship and Bible class this Sunday!

Worship Service Schedule:

9:00AM  Coffee Fellowship
9:30AM  St. Mark Worship Service in English
11:00AM St. Mark Eritrean Worship Service in Tigrinya

Sunday School/Bible Study Schedule:
10:45AM Youth Bible Study-Educational Wing
10:45AM Adult Bible Study-Fellowship Hall
10:00AM Tigrinya Bible Study-Chapel

Contact Information:

Email: saintmarktucker@yahoo.com

Rev. Hiruy Gebremichael, Pastor of St. Mark Lutheran Church and the Eritrean Mission

Pastor's Cell Phone: 404-552-5164

Church Phone: 770-938-4546

Church Address: 
2110 Brockett Road

Tucker, GA 30084

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Sunday School News

By Ruth Wietbrock, Education Director

Sunday School classes begin a new year in September.¬† Traditionally, this is known as Rally Day which is celebrated the last Sunday in August.¬† This year the celebration was held during Sunday School in a special assembly of all children and their teachers.¬† Seven children moving up to the next class and children with outstanding attendance were recognized with special certificates.¬† All students were given a ‚Äútreat bag‚ÄĚ to thank them for being ‚Äústars‚ÄĚ in our Sunday School classes this past year.¬† The traditional church picnic and games were not held due to many other church activities at this time, but will be resumed next year.¬† We love our children and look forward to a good year ahead!¬†

Sunday school children will be preparing to sing some of their VBS songs for the Reformation Sunday service in October.¬† In VBS they learned about God‚Äôs love and protection as our Mighty Fortress and are happy to share this news with others.¬† The ‚ÄúVictory is Won‚ÄĚ!

Sunday School wing updates continue.¬† Check out the changes ‚Äď paint, whiteboards, nursery floor, etc.¬† We can still use an additional rocking chair for the nursery or comfy chairs for the teen room.¬† Let us know if you have these things to donate.¬† Thank you to Steve Donaldson and Pastor Hiruy for their hard work in making these updates possible!

            Adult Bible Study by Larry Wenndt

The adult Bible study, which meets in the Fellowship Hall following Sunday worship, is examining "Mountaintop Encounters with God."  We completed our study of Elijah on Mt. Carmel and are now studying Noah on Mt. Ararat and Abraham on Mt. Moriah.  God used these 'mountaintop encounters' to build the faith of His subjects (and ours) and to lead us to know and do His will.  While these experiences are inspirational, their real purpose is to prepare us for the valleys (even the 'ruts') of life.  After all, it is in the valleys that we, like flowers, grow.  Join us if you can. 



Rummage Sale

Mary-Martha Society

The Mary-Martha Society’s Annual Rummage Sale is coming up in just two weeks.

Gather all your old dishes, linens, retro goodies, used furniture, small appliances, books, and everything else.  Bring your stuff to church as soon as possible so we can get ready - please put it in the chapel at the back until after the installation.

If you would like to help with the rummage sale in any way, please speak with Teri Smith, Dottie Harriman, Helen Klamt or anyone in the Mary-Martha Society.  There are lots of opportunities for you to help the day of the sale as well as helping to prepare and set-up during the week before the sale (Sept 11-16, 2017)

This sale is how the Mary-Martha Society raises money to support most of their missionary projects for the year.  We need your help and support! 

Mark your Calendars for Saturday, September 16,2017 9:00am ‚Äď 2:00pm.¬† Bring all your old stuff and come buy lots of new stuff!

Please wait to bring furniture and other large items until the week before the sale after Pastor's Installation

Remember, your trash might be someone else's treasure!

Sunday School Mission

Second/Third Quarter 2017 Sunday School Missions

Sunday School collected $750 from missions for the Eritrean Schools for the Deaf in the second quarter of 2017.  Thank you to all who donated!  Missions for third quarter will also go to these schools.  Pastor Hiruy taught here while he was in Eritrea.  Please help support the only two schools for the deaf in this country!

   null        Senior Ministry of St. Mark Lutheran Church - Larry Wenndt

The JOY Seniors group will meet on Thursday, October 5th, with a Noon potluck lunch in the Fellowship Hall.  While out group is smaller, due to our Lord calling them home or their moving out of our area, we look forward to Pastor Hiruy joining us (not because of his age, but by virtue of his availability).  Mark your calendars and plan to bring some  program ideas.

Box tops for Education
by Suzie Mailman





If you buy grocery (and other) products that come with 'Box tops for Education' they are valuable! We have several members who are saving them and then sending the coupons to not only Christian organizations but also many of our local schools. These groups gather them, submit them, and then receive money to purchase supplies of many types. If you are interested in finding out which products have these coupons, use this link to find out:  http://www.boxtops4education.com/earn/ participating-products

Please place them into Suzie Mailman's or Carolyn Swanson's mailboxes when you bring them to church.