Lots of people enjoy having coffee between church and during Sunday School.  We always welcome new people. It is a very simple and welcome ministry. All you have to do is work with your partner to set-up coffee Saturday or first thing Sunday morning and then clean up the kitchen after Sunday School.  If you would like to bring a few snacks to munch on, that is up to you and is not required.  Just talk to Anne Kunz or Teri Smith if you are interested in being part of a team!

     June                    Suzie Mailman, Anne Kunz

July                     Teri Smith, Karen Wenndt

August                Doris Abernathy, (Anne Kunz)

September          Marlene Richardson, Artie Summerlin

October               Deb Baldwin, Leslie Aton

November           Dottie Harriman, Carolyn Swanson

December           Suzie Mailman, Anne Kunz


Library Schedule

By Debbie Janicki

            With beginning of the new church year, think about going into the library and finding a book that will lift up your spirits.  Or look at some of the periodicals there to get some ideas to help you be a comfortable witness for Jesus.  There is so much awaiting you in the St. Mark Library.  Take advantage of it.

June                                        Carol Aton

July                                         Anita O’Connell

August                                    Marlene Richardson

September                              Artie Summerlin

October                                   Open

November                               Open

December                               Carol Aton


Serve the Lord With gladness (Psalm 100:2)

Calling all members of St. Mark! We need Altar Guild members.  I have hardworking members but the load will be lightened if we can add two more teams. Please look into your hearts and consider whether one weekend every 6-7 weeks of service to St. Mark can be added to your already busy schedules. I want to acknowledge all of the current members of the Altar Guild. They work tirelessly to make sure that St. Mark’s Altar area, communion, linens, eternal candle and more(!) are prepared and look nice for our services.

St. Mark WELCOMES any and all volunteers, both men and women, who would like to participate in the taking care of the altar.  Please contact Suzie Mailman at or call me on my cell at 770-527-8012 for more information.


June  2016

3   Marlene Richardson

10  Doris Abernethy

17  Dottie Harriman, Gail Warren   

24  Suzie Mailman, Teri Smith


July  2017

1   Artie Summerlin, Karen Wenndt

8   Marlene Richardson

15  Doris Abernethy

22  Dottie Harriman, Gail Warren    

29  Suzie Mailman, Teri Smith