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August 14, 2016 
National Youth Gathering participants will share the highlights of their experience in New Orleans on Sunday, August 14th at the 9:30 a.m. worship service. We invite all members to join us following the service for a THANK YOU reception presented by the families. This provides the congregation an opportunity to speak to the students, see photos and memorabilia gathered, understand the value of an event like this, and be thanked for their financial support, which made participation in this event possible. 

August 28, 2016
Youth middle and high school activity and lunch following Sunday school. More details to follow on 8-14-2016. 

Youth activity report:  The youth group met on Sunday, January 17th.  Lunch was provided by the Heyliger family.  The devotion for the day was about spiritual gifts and that each one of us is blessed with a different talent.  Each student was asked to identify at least one of their God-given talents or gifts.  This led into our discussion of activities for the coming months.  Our students will have multiple opportunities to recognize their spiritual gifts and share their talents with the congregation.  This is to help our students recognize that each one of them is special in God’s sight.  Our meetings and activities over the next few months are designed to build self-esteem and give students the opportunity to express the JOY of being a precious child of God.  The schedule was distributed, see dates below.  Mrs. Julie Donaldson spoke to the students about the Hunger Walk in March.  Before we closed the meeting, two of our students were given the opportunity to present a skit to the group, it was entitled, “Come out of Your Shell.  ‘Bee’ an Officer of the Lord.”  This skit reinforced that every student and adult is valuable in God’s sight and we only have to come out of our shell and share our ‘Fruits of the Spirit’.  The students were very excited about our upcoming events.


Family Game night recap:  With the hard work of the Swansons, who prepared the food and provided the decorations, the assistance of many dedicated volunteers, together with the Education and Youth ministry groups, the Family Game Night was held on Saturday, February 13th.  We had a good turnout of children, youth and adults that evening.  The food was generously donated for the evening.  Board and card games were enjoyed for the first hour before dinner.  Snacks were provided, they included popcorn, pretzels and punch.  Mardi Gras was the theme of the night with decorations in purple, green and gold.  Howard Swanson shared what each one of the colors meant and also what the Christian meaning behind ‘Fat Tuesday’ was.  Hoagies were served, and a traditional New Orleans side dish of beans and rice, and salad.  Desserts were brought by each family attending.  The evening concluded with trivia competition, conducted by Emma Steinhaus.  The questions were about Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and Lent.  Winning team were able to choose from a variety of prizes.  Thanks to all who worked tirelessly to make this event a success.


Educational Event Recap Sharing JOY through ART.  On Sunday, February 28th, 2016, St. Mark was the host congregation to 23 students for a large creative art event.  St. Mark students, together with students from Incarnate Word Lutheran, and Peace Lutheran churches, had the opportunity to create their own unique piece of artwork. Following a hot sandwich luncheon served by the ladies of St. Mark, we shared the theme for the day:

            "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness,              faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” Galations 5:22-23a

The students then had the opportunity to choose one of 3 art activities: drawing & watercolor painting, creating designer greeting cards, or creative coloring.

At the close of the event, students from other congregations were given the opportunity to take their work home. St. Mark and Incarnate Word youth group students will be selling their art creations at a fund-raiser which will be held on Saturday, April 30th.

We wish to thank our guest ART Instructor, Mrs. Donna Cohen, Fulton County Schools & Member instructor:  Mrs. Carol Aton, and all the volunteers who assisted in making this event such a HUGE success.  This event was made possible through an Action Team grant from Thrivent Financial.  Austin Baldwin was the Thrivent member who sponsored this event.


Our Easter breakfast fundraiser was well attended, serving nearly 70 people.  We took in $521 thanks to the generosity of members and guests who attended.  We need to extend a big thank you to Ms. Suzanne Mailman and Ms. Teri Smith who assisted us with the breakfast by sponsoring the Thrivent Action Team to provide the funds for the food, as well as doing all of the shopping over the past two weeks to obtain what we needed.  We also have some ladies who prepared breakfast items for us, Ms. Suzie and Ms. Teri, Mrs. MaryAnnie Hughes, Mrs. Debbie Janicki, Mrs. Ellen Jugar, Mrs. Sandra Ketchum, Mrs. Karen Wenndt.  Again this year, the Steinhaus family allowed us to use the decorations to make the room so springy and festive.  Of course, all of you who worked with set-up, serving, clean-up and bringing pastries for all to enjoy.  You students did an amazing job with clean-up yesterday and that speaks very highly of the work ethic that each of you possess.  Parents, you all should be very proud of these young people. 





The LYF is made up of youth from Middle School through High School and is comprised of members from St. Mark and Incarnate Word.  We include devotion or bible study in each of our events to remind our young people that this is as much about spiritual enrichment as it is about Christian fellowship of the young people of our 2 worshiping bodies.  Please contact the Youth Leader, Deb Baldwin at 770-296-4643 (cell) if you have any questions or know of a student in Middle or High School that you think would benefit from joining our group.


Ms. Deb Baldwin, Youth Director

St. Mark & Incarnate Word